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Avengers Age of Ultron

The main factor was that the audience Avengers, the era of Ultron is quite wide and can reach a larger panel. Y has he differences in acceptance of 3D according to the age, for example? On the other hand, there are a lot of action in Avengers, and the story is not very complicated, we do not really confuses the twists. And then, with my colleague Marco Sperduti participating in the study, is the Marvel fans! Why 3D would change the way to remember pictures? At present, it is unclear whether 3D will have an impact. Our hypothesis is that immersion should be stronger, and therefore should improve the encoding of our memory. But there is another plausible hypothesis: this process could be independent of 3D and related to the quality of the film, not the technology. Why do we remember some details? Is it because the film has captivated us, or rather because our mind veered to perceptual details, boredom? i had recently Watch Avengers Age of Ultron Online on youtube which is really awesome..!!!
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OP's first post here seemed a genuine question, so something odd has happened clearly. However, I think I noticed this last night but didn't really pay much attention...but given the subject of this thread, his username is just immense :D