AVOID ADRIAN FLUX If looking for car insurance.

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So, my MX5 should be back on the road next month. So I started looking for insurance. Greenlight, who insure my Mini (excellent company btw) were £399, whilst Adrian Flux beat them at £355. However, the guy on the phone told me quotes are only valid that day, but if I took out the policy, I could cancel before the start date (31/03/15), and not pay anything. So I thought, well that's fair enough, what have I got to lose. So my documents arrive, and the amount of info they want on mods etc is mad, so much more difficult than Greenlight. So I thought, sod it. I'll just pay the extra with Greenlight, they're much easier to work with.
But no... I phone up today, and the lady tells me, as I'm cancelling before the policy starts, they won't charge me the full £60 cancellation fee, they'll just keep the £53.25 deposit. I DON'T BLOODY WELL THINK SO!

Terrible terrible service, won't even bother with you again.

I love how the new customers number is a free phone but existing is 0844. Nice Adrian Flux Nice....

Greenlight insurance has a landline, which won't cost you the earth, be you a new or existing customer.


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Late last year we went through the process of taking over a business and opening all the necessary new accounts with utilities, payment processors, insurances etc etc etc... Probably on over 50% of the calls the people on the other end of the phone lied about various aspects of exactly what was on offer and what fees would be required. It caused so much issues that some days I spent longer on the phone trying to work out what exactly was going on that I would have though possible. Worldpay was the worst for us, they actually contacted us and as we were looking for a card machine and merchant account anyway we went with them as the deal sounded amazing. As it turned out it was far from it. 3 months of hassle it took to get rid of them.

Twice recordings of conversations were lost and once some sneaky *gentleman* blatantly just recorded the reading of the contractual bit and me agreeing then cut the tape after he "confirmed" the deal and prices etc. So yeah, buyer beware. The price is almost NEVER only available for that day, I mean why would it be. Just go to your bank/credit card company and reverse the charge if at all possible. is Adrian Flux a broker or an actual insurer because I find brokers or third parties to be some of the sneakiest ever.

A few months
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