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Awful Vyper keyboard


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I sit here typing on a USB keyboard ruing the day I purchased my Vyper laptop. Within seconds of starting to use it, I thought this keyboard is awful, packed the laptop to return it and then thought it was me and I just needed to get used it. The keyboard is LOUD and disturbs everyone around me, my fingers catch on the edges of the keys and they flip up and now the enter key sticks at least every 20 seconds. In addition to that, I am a Linux user and cannot turn the keyboard lights off at all which drains the battery in under an hour. Great laptop, awful awful awful keyboard. It rather defeats the point in having a laptop if the keyboard doesn't work and the battery drains quickly. I now use my old HP whenever I need to go out as my Vyper is just a desktop with a screen. DONT BUY unless they have improved the keyboard.



The keyboard's loud as it's mechanical / mechanical-like. It's the nature of the beast - similar things are said of the Recoil laptop (which like the Vyper is a Tongfang chassis). It's absolutely right that people should be aware of it before buying.

I'm not familiar with the vyper's keyboard from personal experience, only what people sometimes say on the forums, but fingers catching on the keys hasn't been a common issue.

As for the backlight, it's not uncommon for laptops to have issues with that and Linux; I remember seeing posts where Clevo laptops had issues with backlight control under linux for a while.

Apparently this person found a workaround which was to boot to Windows, change it, and then go back to using Linux, as the drivers are only available in Windows:
That's for the Recoil, but as the Vyper is Tongfang too it seems likely it'd be the same.

PCS don't sell the laptop (or any PC, sadly) with Linux, I guess because of these issues. Tongfang chassis trackpads (!) didn't work with Linux for a while.

I'd suggest giving PCS a call about the laptop. If they believe there's a fault with the keyboard, they may still be able to RMA it. I can appreciate your frustration for sure, I'd probably have returned the thing on arrival too if I'd had such a negative first impression.

At the very least the Enter key looks borked, and worthy of a call to PCS.