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basic scripting


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I wondered if there was a way of using windows and basic text files to script functions. I used to use a vendor specific scripting tool called 'ARC', but I don't think this is around anymore.

I was able to write scripts to automate functions, and collect results, but now this does not seem to be possible without a PHd in C++ or other scripting language.

The concept would be able to telnet to a bunch of network devices, and run a few commands, and collect specific results for analysis. The function, would use a variable for each device name, held in a data file, and then called up from some sort of script. Run the commands, and export the results into another file, and then move on until finished.

Is there anything like this, and is simple enough to work the concepts of what I want to do, without going back to college.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I know of no official tool that will easily let you do what you require, but others may know better.

Python is an easy language to learn and interfaces well with networking and Windows.


VB Script would be a good place to start. Even just batch commands with windows may get you what you need. I use VBS to automate a few things in work so even in a locked down environment there are options.