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3d Mark 11 score :8785;jsessionid=sihdlcy0jij11u1j1q84o94v0

I am surprised considering its a single gpu but still it is fairly beastly without an official overclock.

3DMark ScoreP8785

Graphics Score9128

Physics Score7941

Combined Score7828

Just did a basic Oc to 4.5 ghz on the SB i5. But to be honest runs everything like a dream. I am just waiting for some actual decent official drivers for the 7970 and will hopefully be able to get past this frustrating 9k mark hehe:turned:.

p.s I am sure if I lowered everything in CCC to performance I could probably get the 9k but that's basically cheating.
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Modified Alexis_Uk's score and added James89's score.
BennyBoyP is knocked off the top 10.


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Just make sure you are in SLI mode and run 3D mark on performance mode, it'll do the rest.
You could also play about with your GPU settings in the Nvidia control panel to turn down quality stuff but that is bordering on cheating for this leader board I reckon.


For some reason I can't get mark06 to work, it does the tests fine but I just get errors when I try and upload my stats.
have redownloaded it 3 times now as that's what it suggests to do but still no joy.
any ideas?


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I got the following:
P14434 3DMarks


I also got a message indicating that my score is low compare to other similar systems but I assume is just settings on the NVIDIA control panel. On SLI configuration I chosen "Maximise 3D performance"
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Wow nice score. top spot and James89 is knocked off the top 10

Weird about the stereoscopic and multimonitor setup making the results better.