Benchmarks and Tools for Troubleshooting / New Build


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This is a huge topic, when you receive your new machine, you want to be able to test that it's all working as optimally as possible. There are a plethora of tools and benchmark suites out there to aid with this.

There are 4 main areas that should be benchmarked:

While you're running any of these tests, have temperature monitoring software open in the background and monitor both CPU and GPU temps with either of the following:


Or the more in depth HWInfo:

1/. CPU - There are 2 main tools here that will actually stress different instruction sets so it's worth running both (not at the same time):

Aida64 Extreme -

Prime95 -

2/. GPU - Many many options here. The goto first tool is a torture test that will throw a BSOD if there are driver problems, or straight out freeze or even crash the PC if there is an inherent flaw with the card. This is the ultimate torture test and as such, throws loads on the GPU that aren't really resemblant of any real world loads, so you may find increased GPU temps while running it:

1&2 combined/. Tailored gaming benchmarks - These will test both CPU and GPU and give relateable scores to determine how yours performs against others with the same hardware:

Unigine Heaven:

This one is a part of 3dMark which is a benchmarking suite. It's now on Steam, add it to your wishlist and keep an eye out during any Steam sale as they often reduce this to a couple of quid, it's an incredibly useful suite (also has specific VR benchmarks):


There is also an entire bundle which I just picked up in the recent Steam sale for about £4 for the lot, it's invaluable!

3dMark, VRMark and PCMark bundle:

Within 3dMark, Firestrike is a go to test:

3dMark Firestrike:

If you're running more of a workstation build and have the professional driver set installed rather than gaming then the following are helpful:



Blender Benchmark:

VRay Benchmark:

3/. HDD / SSD - These test the throughput speeds of any drive:

CrystalDiskMark (use the standard edition, I've had loads of issues with other versions):

Also, if you have an HDD storage drive, disable "Controlled Folder Access" (if you're using Windows Defender) in windows security by going to security options in task bar:


Then in there go to "virus and thread protection" / "virus and threat protection settings" / "controlled folder access" / disable controlled folder access.

The open up a CMD window as administrator - just type "cmd" in the windows search bar, it will show "Command Prompt" app, right click and select "run as administrator".

Then navigate to the drive that is your HDD, so for instance mine is d: so I just type "cd d:" and hit enter.

Then run "chkdsk /r" and that will check the drive for any errors. It will output a little report at the end, if there are any bad sectors, then the drive needs to be replaced.

Make sure you reenable controlled folder access once you're finished!

4/. RAM - Essentially a torture test to test for any bad sectors in the RAM. If any are found, then that stick needs to be replaced:

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