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Best choice of laptop model?


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Hello everyone, long time no see! Hope you are all well and apologies that I haven't been on in months, I've been pretty busy with work stuff and haven't been able to slack off like I used to!

Some of you may remember that I was buying my girlfriend a PC a while ago so that she could play GW2. Some of you may have commented that if she got hooked on GW2 then you'd have less time to game with me. Some of you may have been absolutely spot on......

Basically everything's fine with mine and her desktops but I'm getting the craving to buy quite a nice compact laptop with a bit of a punch that I can take over to her house or I can use while she's at mine for some casual co-op gaming/GW2 playing. I'm not too fussed with the spec side of things as I've been keeping up with latest releases and I think the norm in a cheap gaming laptop at the moment is the GTX860m which the benchmarks seem reasonable for. I'm undecided on CPU yet as I can probably get away with a dual core i3/i5 for the games I plan on playing but the quad-core i7 is still niggling in the back of my mind.

Mainly what I came here for is what type of laptop to get as this is something I've never really looked into before. I'd like to keep the screen size below 15'ish inch as I don't want to have a big weighty laptop to lug around with me or find room for. Because of this I've been looking at the Optimus V, Skyfire III + IV and the Vortex IV's.

What do you guys recommend? I'm not looking for a desktop replacement, I'm looking for something just with enough oomph to play the majority of games and reasonable settings while maintaining and sleek and light design. I'm preferably looking below £1000.

Thanks in advance guys :) If you'd like to just comment on which model would be preferable then I should be able to sort the spec myself, but obviously if you can't resist doing a spec as well I certainly won't mind!



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Vortex GT for £999 in the review section. If your budget is £1000 that should get you more than a cheap gaming laptop.


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Cheers Keynes, I knew you would be my main man :) £1000 would be absolute top-end if I kept seeing little additions that I wanted to add on :p I'll check the Vortex GT out, thanks for that :)

Basically it's going to go one of two ways, I pay £500-£600 for an i3, 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive or I think screw it, it's gonna last me a few years, might as well go for a better spec. Basically the dilemma of every PC/Laptop purchaser :)