BF3 Server!

Drunken Monkey

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Played on this server today...fantastic ping and great gameplay. All the better for using our rigs from PCspecialist too!
Have marked it as a favourite and will be back :D


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Once the computer desk and chair have arrived (My throne and table) Ill come on and wreak some havoc :D


I'm usually on and off every night at some point. Would love to actually get some proper squad play up as well. I'm also a bit of a beast at the game.


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im on the server now if anyone wants to join

edit scrap that, wont let me play without 4 other players, was going to practice my flying skills


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Yeah server much dead nowadays - not many people on the server, tried to join few times... but mostly it's just empty :(


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whenever i play, its on the pcs server. EA/Dice removed 1 player start in a previous patch and the latest re-introduced it.

Once im on it doesnt take long for it to populate.


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I was wondering about 1 player start thing...because I really need to go on a dead server and practice flying so I don't look like a complete wozza when flying other people about!