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BI Initialize Library Failed - Is there something I can do to pre-empt problems?

Thanks for looking at this thread, and thanks in advance for any help you can give.
I was on my computer all morning this morning then went out for lunch. When got home and turned it on, I had the following message with an error code (I didn't have the foresight to photograph it, I'm sorry).
Plain black screen - BIinitialize Library Failed X000000(can't remember this bit).

I switched it off again for a while, then turned it back on and all seems fine, it booted up straight away.

I searched for the error and the consensus seems to be that it's to do with the BIOS - however most of the posters seem to have completely lost the use of their computers (I haven't) and the replies are quite technical and I'm not really sure what they are saying. It has only happened once to me.

I was wondering if this is something that I can do something about now, to pre-empt future problems? Or is it just one of those things... I don't know a huge amount about computers so layman's terms would be useful please, although I will do my best!


I don't know if you need any specific system info so I have just copied this from DXdiag - please let me know if you need anything further.
OS - Win 10Home 64bit (Build 18362)
System Manufacturer - ASUS
System Model - All Series
BIOS - 1304
Processor - Intel Core i&-4790K [email protected] (8CPUs) ~ 4.0GHz


Is this a PCSpecialist system, we can’t advise fully if not, but it’s likely your bios has reset to defaults. That may not affect you at all.


As above re it being a PC Specialist system, but I would ensure that the Fast Startup feature is turned off.
Sorry yes it is from PC specialist - about 4 years ago.
I will look into the fast startup feature, thank you.
It's not happened again so far so fingers crossed...
Thanks for replying so quickly