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Big navi 21. PCS release info?


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So I am sure most of you watched or are aware of the new cards.

Have PCS announced when pre orders will start ? Cos I am sorry but team green have just made a mistake with the 30 series release.

Why even bring a card to market when you have no stock or supply to back up orders?

Yes biggest demand ever! ( company that big will have whole departments able to do market research and demand stats ) .

I am now going to go full team red on my order as soon as 6800xt is available for pre order a long with upgrading to a 5000 series cpu.
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Call me a fanboy if you like but, who's to say 'team red's' launch will be any better? I do hope it is though, because nVidia's 3xxx launch was a bit of a shambles and more competition is just a good thing for consumers in general!

No idea when the cards will be available for pre-order but from other similar discussions with PCS they aim to be ready for pre-orders on release day so as I understand the official release date is November 18 for 6800xt so I'd guesstimate around then :)


How does the queue work for GPU orders if there is high demand? I ordered my PC with an RTX 3090 on the 6th of November, and I'm on production day 9. I want to swap my card to the 6800XT. Do I need to be around at 2 pm to do it or will I keep my place in the queue already? I had an email from the PC Specialist yesterday saying the estimated build day November 27, I'm hoping changing the card won't add another several weeks to the wait?


You will need to get your order in at 2PM IMO.

I don't imagine there being a single queue, instead it will be a complex inter-twining of queues for the various parts in the order they have been allocated. Your queue place will remain for the overall build, with the queue space for the GPU likely being one of the main holdups. The closer you are to the front for the GPU, the better.


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Me too.

If it gets delayed, I can just pull the card and buy one of the 3070s I keep seeing on the price tracker.

Although noticed that I must have clicked on the CPU drop-down first, as it had changed from a 5600X to a 3800XT. So quickly got a credit note for that!
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Just wondering as i got a credit note of £48 , if i go to upgrade something else for said amount does it automatically use the credit note?