Bios not recognising all of my RAM


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Hi guys,

Something odd is happening and I'm hoping you'll be able to give me your advice.

I've recently installed 6GB (3x2GB) of Corsair XMS3 memory in my system. When loading the bios setup, it says that my total RAM installed is only 4096MB. I've tried booting the PC using only one stick at a time to see if any of them are faulty but they all work OK. Is there a reason why one of the sticks isn't being recognised? Is it to do with the DIMM slots I'm using?

I'm using an ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard.



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Just discovered this as well:

My PC Wizard tool understands that I have 6 gig of memory, but dxdiag firmly belives I only have 4. What's going on?




Hello Timbercottage.
This is an issue that has come to light between x58 chipset motherboards and corsair memory.
Basically if your memory has an A in the model number it has been designed with xmp settings for gulftown processors (6 core). You have a bloomfield processor ( 4 core) so need to tweak the vqpi setting in your bios. For your system set the vqpi setting to 1.35v, and you should be ok. Let us know the result.


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Keep checking it though ;) This was my sole problem with my new PC, had to change out for some Kingston in the end. As it would be ok for a while then, ping, back to 4GB, so every time you reboot, keep checking it's still 6GB.