BIOS Updates

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We have seen an increase in questions regarding our policy on BIOS upgrades, I would like to clear some of the confusion up with this post, please read below.
I will add an entry of our terms and conditions regarding BIOS updayes under the post.

We don't supply the BIOS updates for desktops which has motherboards of the ASUS/Gigabyte brand, they are provided by the manufacturer on their website, I would however advise to always check with PCS regarding updating the BIOS. If the system gets bricked by a bad, unauthorised BIOS update we have the right to invalidate the warranty on that system. Keep in mind we deal with this on a case by case basis.

For laptops, the BIOS comes from Clevo and you would need to contact us for the BIOS file and instructions, keep in mind for older models a newer BIOS may not be available as Clevo tend to not update the BIOS for their older models.

I hope this helps clearing things up a bit for yourself.

Snippit from our T&C's regarding BIOS.

"7.8 The company reserves the right to suspend the warranty or refuse service if your Case, Motherboard, CPU or BIOS have been replaced without authorisation.
Any tampering, repair or modification by unauthorised personnel voids the warranty."
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