Bought my first pc games yesterday


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Well, decided to buy some pc games and try out my computer.
I bought Terminator Salvation, Tiberian Sun and Sniper Art of Victory - can't get past the first German Soldier yet!!
Bought them from Game 3 for £10 which I didn't think was bad
Quite please with the graphics even though the games may be 20 years old.......dont think I will be buying an Xbox just yet


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Tiberian Sun is a great game :) I havnt played a C&C game for a long time. I really should look the oldies out =D


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Terminator Salvation isn't that old, it was released around the same time as the movie (2009?), personally whilst I found it to be ok, at the end of the day it's a game based off a movie and is plagued by the matters of that genre. Tiberium Sun is an epic C&C game, I have it sitting on my shelf, sadly I forgot my Westwood online password long ago...

Anywho, what sort of game genre's are you interested in? I might be able to provide some good suggestions of games you can pick up in Game (or probs better off Steam or Amazon as they're cheaper, Game rips people off alot of the time) for a good price.