Brazil: World Cup Fantasy Football


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I've created a league for those who may be interested!

It's with The Sun Dream Team App.

League name: PC Specialist
League Pin: 8105381
Password: carbide

Good luck!


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The Sun!?!?!?!?!

No, no I can't, I refuse. I won't let my IQ fall that much!!

Just kidding XD

I would join but world cup is during my exams and last time I played a fantasy football game I spent way too much time on it.


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I know the feels with regards to The Sun... but it's just a bit of fun and no way related to your IQ ;)
Also I had Fred and David Luis last night (told you I was bad at this). Does anyone know why I haven't got any points yet?
Hope so. Some of the others in this league had points so hopefully it's not just me (and at least we've not got money riding on it!).


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I will join :)
I found this clip funny


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World cup you say? Might be hard to believe but we've not heard much about it north of the border.

That reminds me, I must go and see if they've got any Italian shirts available in town.


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Anyone spot this guy?


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There were 4 entries in total!

1st (357pts) : Doughberman City
2nd (340) : Muller Corner (that's me!)
3rd (254) : Stenson's XI
4th (234) : Kratos FC

Haven't posted full names for privacy, but if you'd like to claim your team, step forward and make yourself known!