British SuperBike Brands Hatch Final Lap


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Did anyone watch the race the other day?

I only just got round to watching it last night. Probably the best final lap of a race I have ever seen, in any form of racing. Just shows how much two riders at their limit can be pushed even further by the thought of winning the championship.

For those who dont watch racing, Hopkins on the blue bike and Hill on the yellow bike are separated by 1 point going into the final race of the season. If Hill finishes ahead of Hopkins he wins the championship and visa versa.

Watch this and tell me motorbike racing isnt better than F1 lol



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Im guessing you didnt watch the video then? How can anyone say that is worse than any F1 racing. I love my F1 but even I have to admit that F1 is boring in comparison.


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did you see the indy 300 crash this week? RIP Dan Wheldon concidering its ppl going round in circles its brutal.


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Yeah I saw photos of it :(, real shame. I remember seeing the 125 race a while back when that young rider was killed too. I also remember seeing the bobsleigh crash live :( that was horrible. But, not that I ever want anyone to die obviously, atleast they were doing something they absolutley love.


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these laps are better:


and THE best closing lap of a race where rubber comes in contact with asphant



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I gotta disagree to be perfectly honest. First video was just a good bit of wet racing, I really dont see anything special about it, Ive watched plenty of wet races and plenty of dry races where people have done much better than that.

Second video was not close racing, it was only really a close finish.

Thrid video, yes good racing but when they did get close they hit, open wheel racing is dangerous enough without people touching, especially at those speeds. I think there is a lot more skill involved in riding as Hopkins and Hill did, extremely close, but not a single dangerous move, not a single touch between them and an extremely close race. I also dont think that the third video was anywhere near as exciting (although possibly because it isnt a championship I personally followed at the time).

At the end of the day, everyone likes something different, I enjoy good clean close racing, and I really dont think you can get that in open wheel cars. Yeah you can get close races in terms of finishing, you can occasionally get close racing wheel to wheel, but if you watch something like Moto GP or BSB or touring cars, its constantly bumper to bumper or constantly close enough you could physically grab the other riders bike. F1 racing gets very boring (generally) because the field gets spread far to far apart and the racing we do end up with has several tenths between drivers.