British Wrestling (BritWres)


Boogie Warrior
Out of the companies large enough to do a weekly show, AEW are the one I watch most frequently. I have a subscription to Powered4TV which is 8 quid a month and has a lot of different companies signed up to it. My favourite company are probably my local one, TNT Extreme Wrestling, as they have a mix of styles although they tend to be more on the hardcore/deathmatch end of things!

czw is also crazy hardcore

remember the AEW deathmatch pyro, did not end well :LOL:


Lord of Steam
For anybody who likes hardcore wrestling, there's a Pro Wrestilng: EVE match from a couple of years back that I think is pretty cool. The only criticism I would have about the match is the commentary is a bit meh. Still worth a watch if you have a spare half hour though: