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all very different cars to drive. I loved the performance of the yellow one (300bhp), loved the sound of the gold one and loved the feel and the friendliness of people when I drove the red one. I wish I could keep 'em all.


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For anyone that's interested, I made this video after I took my '99 Mustang on the race track at Oulton Park.

I edited the video to look like the old 60's film, "Grand Prix" starring James Garner and used sound bites of Steve McQueen from "Le Mans". :)


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Have a look at this beauty...


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Wrote my motorbike off about 2 months ago and not allowed another one :(

Missus has told me to sort out my car license now with a baby around. So the future....



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I believe "gentleman" [edit: who's posts are no longer here] requested his account to be banned and posts removed?
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I'd love to get a Lotus, probably a Exige. They're honestly so sexy, and very affordable.


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Also have a thing for dodgy colours too though, current cars like bright orange, and my first car was bright green :p