Cheery Hello!


Hi everyone, I'll just introduce myself before I wade in asking for advice :)

I use a pcspecialist desktop, Its worked pretty much flawlessly for several months and I'm very happy with it.


Hey jez, welcome, why don't you put up your PC specs for us to gander at? :)

Ha. Not sure I know em all tbh!

Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.0
Asus M4N78-AM
nvidia GeForce GT 240
4.00 GB Corsair XMS DDR.2
450w PSU
1 x 500 GB Hitachi SATA
Case/fans/cooler.... No idea :cool:

I dont play games much, a PS3 is more than enough for me, I use my PC for browsing, email, accounts, word processing etc so I dont need masses of graphic or sound power, I keep pictures and video on it but nothing special, only snaps and I dont do big video edits or anything. I didnt realise the mobo was small form though otherwise I might have picked a different one, the GT 240 card in the PCIEX16 slot obstructs the next lower PCIE slot rendering it useless... which is a bit of a bummer as I had to remove a 4 slot usb card to fit my network card in but other than that it works (apart from this blasted card reader)

On the whole its quiet, fast and functional but I'm no expert so if I have over or under spec'd anywhere it would be no suprise, actually i think I was advised that my original estimate for PSU was to large and settled for 450w down from 550/650 maybe.

Its the first time I have put together anything in this sense, I would be interested to hear what you would have done differently because its quite good fun, I'll do it again, I might even assemble the next one myself.


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haha not bad dude, i like my ps3 ,yself but i cant mmo / rpg on it aswell as a pc so.. hence y i got this :p but that looks decent enuf for what you need, grats on the build!