Clean Installing Graphics Drivers

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Hi All,

A clean installation of your Graphics drivers tends to be the "go to" fix for a lot of graphics issues due to the fact that it is so simple to do and can resolve numerous software causes quickly.

I would suggest using a tool called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller), this is a straight forward way to remove all the relevant drivers/software. Please download the programs you will need from below:

Display Driver Uninstaller:,20.html (this isn't the only source for the software, just a link I had lying around

NVidia Driver (if you have an NVidia card select your card to find the relevant drivers):

AMD Driver (if you have an AMD card select your card to find the relevant drivers or use the autodetect program):

Intel Driver (if you are using integrated graphics select your chip to find the relevant drivers):

Now to do a completely clean re-install the instructions are as follows:
• Download both DDU and your drivers as above.
• Extract the folder that is downloaded by Display Driver Uninstaller by right clicking the folder and selecting extract here (or alternatively to whichever location you wish to keep things tidy).
• Double click the 7-zip file it creates labelled DDU and click extract.
• Run the display driver uninstaller, this will prompt you to reboot into safe mode, ensure any important progress you have made on any open programs is saved and then reboot to safe mode.
• When that is done restarting ensure your cards drivers are selected at the top of the DDU windows and click clean and restart.
• Once the system has restarted please locate the driver installer you downloaded above and run it, clicking through the installer until that finishes at which point you may be prompted to restart your system once again.

Your display drivers should now be updated.
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