Clevo Control Center/Hotkey - Can't install v2 even though it's listed as an option for my chassis on the clevo website...


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My laptop messed up a bit, so I went back and downloaded the hotkey/control center zip from PCS downloads section and re-installed it (the version on the PCS download section is Control Center AP Version: 5.0001.1.62). However, for some reason the CPU OC app from it doesn't open, so I went to the clevo download section for my chassis:

And I can see that there are a few different versions listed there:

Control Center AP 5.0001.1.68
Hotkey AP version 5.0001.1.70 (which I believe the still Control Center, they've just named it differently in the desc)
Control Center AP 5.0001.1.76
Hotkey AP version 5.0001.1.88

But then there also seems to be a Control Center V2:

Control center 2.0 AP Version 1.0.78

Based on the 'Start' dates of all these items, the ' Control center 2.0 AP Version 1.0.78' is the latest one, which was released in Sept 2019.

However, if I try to install that, I get a message saying it can't be installed because the version I have installed 'Control Center AP Version: 5.0001.1.62' (Released back in 2017) is newer lol....

Anyone managed to get Control Center 2.0 installed at all?



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Contact PCS and ask which version is most appropriate for your build.

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