Clevo W170HRM Bios Download


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Been a while since I started my own thread but hey, it's something I don't know yet :p
All I ask? A location of the mysterious Clevo W170HRM Bios, it doesn't seem to be listed on the downloads section of their site. I'm sure mine is fine, just for future reference :)

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updates for the chassis bios are rarely released and if they are its usually to fix a specific problem or add support for new chips etc. If any become availiable it should appear on their site.


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Ah I just found the Bios a little scarce when it came to options etc. The only place I found on their page for Bios updates and EC firmware needed a login (it mentioned for OEM distributers etc only). Thanks anyway Gorman :)


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They should issue an update just to fix the stupid spelling mistake in the current BIOS. What on earth is a "Low Battery Alart"? :)