Considering selling my Vyper III: current value and where to sell it

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Hi everybody,
I'm evaluating the option to sell my Vyper III.

Don't get me wrong, I love it and it's a beast of machine. Very customisable in terms of settings, voltages, clocks. Great thermal and performance.
This is just an idea and I'd like to gather some information and ideas about it.

The reason of this it's because I've been watching the new Ionico and it has some features I'd benefit more than the actual Vyper:

  • Cam placed on top. On the Vyper the perspective is from below and it isn't ideal, especially for meetings, which I have been doing a lot lately.
    I haven't been using webcam at all before the pandemic, but nowadays I'm doing a lot of meeting for work reason due to working mostly from home.
  • Higher resolution display. As I work in media production and editing field having more pixel is better for me as I have more information on screen and details is much better on a higher resolution screen, avoiding too much zoom in.
  • More powerful GPUs: RTX 3xxx series of course.
  • New control center and new customisation features directly in the CC, such as TDP, PL1, PL2, and so on. Lot of profiles that can be created. One neat feature is the ability to manage the battery charge, limiting the percentage of the total charge to preserve its lifespan.
    Vyper III's Control Center 2.0 is much more limited in general compared to this.
  • I'm considering the 17" model for a little bit better thermals and the 90Wh battery (which is useful for me as I sometimes do some light work unplugged).
  • One downside is the loss of the Thunderbolt support for the Ionico, but to be honest, I don't have any TB devices and I never had the need to buy one.

Looking forward to yours suggestions and comments!

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All I can tell you is that as it’s tech related... it’ll never fetch quite as much as you want and... that you can’t sell it here.

Do a bit of eBay research on what similar things are going for and price it accordingly. Gumtree and Craigslist might also be worth investigating 👍

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Through your account it does say about transferring the warranty, so if its still valid you can do that to.


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It's not something we can comment on on the forum, you just need to see how much equivalent stuff is selling for on the marketplaces.

But yes, transfer your warranty too otherwise the buyer is out of luck with any kind of support.

I'm going to lock this thread as we're not allowed any sales of any kind on the forum.
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