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Considering the Optimus Pro 15.6"


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I'm considering replacing a very old MSI GS70 laptop with a custom build AMD laptop.

I've a few of questions regarding the Optimus Pro 15.6"

1. What's the brightness/nits of the 120hz screen?
2. Will there be a 144hz option in the near future?
3. Upgradability specifically ram and drive slots. Are they easily user accessible and does it void the warranty if they are changed by the user?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi @lauwai - you may need to contact PCS directly to get an answer on points 1 and 2 - we can't really comment here on the forums about what is coming up as most of us (certainly the majority of the users/moderators) don't work for PCS.

With respect to the screen, in the specs for the Optimus Pro it states that the precise screen model is subject to change so you should contact PCS to find out which one it is <-- if you click the little information icon next to display you'll see what I mean.

For your third query, you can open up the laptop to add components etc. and as long as you don't damage anything when doing so you won't void your warranty. I'm not certain about the Optimus slots specifically but they are typically easily accessible. It appears as though there are only 2 ram slots and 2 m.2 slots available but I'm not sure of their precise configuration.