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Constant disconnections during online games (mainly MMO's)


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My other half has been playing a lot of MMO's lately, mainly GW2 but she is having a constant issue with losing connection to the servers literally every 5 minutes. She'll press a button and it won't attack (even though on my screen I can see her attacking) and then she'll end up dead and either her game will 'catch up' and she'll be lying there on the ground or she'll just disconnect to the character screen with a message like "Unable to connect to login server".

I asked her to try another game to see if it was specifically GW2 as their forums were pretty full of people complaining of similar issues so she downloaded Rift (another MMO for those that don't know). She tried this one without me but apparently the same thing was happening where she can't attack and then the game needed an update and it just keeps crashing during the update.

So basically it has me believing it's something to do with her rig rather than the games fault. Her internet is stupidly fast, she downloads something in 10 minutes that would take me 10 hours so I don't think it's so much an ISP issue. I think the problem could be with her network card. I couldn't afford a wifi mobo and she can't plug directly into the router via ethernet because her dads a bit funny with stuff like that and he doesn't want to run it down the stairs. I bought her homeplugs but again, he was funny with that and said they probably wouldn't work as he thinks upstairs is on a different wiring loop.

So basically I'm looking for ideas. The network card she has at the moment is this:

I'm thinking this HAS to be the problem as she was also disconnecting while using her rig at my house. Download speeds still seem fine so I figure the card just can't handle gaming.

Does anybody have suggestions? I've looked at USB network adapters which seem to be rated highly but at the same time I'm just confused that a PCI network card is struggling this much. I've been looking at this USB one but I have no idea whether it will be an improvement or not:

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm going to ask her to plug in via ethernet one evening just to test if that is the issue but unfortunately I don't think she'll be able to do that in the long term.


To the network card, gaming is just downloading/uploading. It would make sense if the issue reoccurred (or other issues) when trying to access the internet but its odd that it only happens when gaming. I'd suggest trying a couple more games, it could be an issue uploading as opposed to downloading.

I know on my old laptop it has problems with the wireless chip and sometimes has serious issues trying to do anything if its downloading/uploading at any great rate (or consistently for a while) but I haven't really tried to narrow down the problem.

Your plan of using homeplugs/Ethernet is the next step in diagnosis I'd say. Ensure the wireless card is turned off when you try and see if it performs the same/better/worse.

Also, its worth trying the homeplugs at your missus' place if you've bought them. No reason not to try them, worst case they won't work.


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Hey, have you tried opening up ports etc for the games, i would trouble shoot port forwarding and software (anti virus, fire walls{try switching these off while playing}, windows settings etc) before replacing hardware! if it does work on ethernet then maybe is the wifi card, maybe worth replacing card then, also try moving rig to nearer router as there maybe intermitant interferance.


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Does restarting the router help? (make it better, worse or is the same?)
What's the ping like. Start-> run... and type: "ping -t" (does it spike? do you get request not found, etc...?)
Have you tried setting up static IP address with your router DNS address, and second DNS from 3rd party (ie, google :
Ideal, would be to connect by cable.. even as a test... and then see if it's working fine then?

You checked for viruses, trojans, etc ?

You could also try changing WiFi channel to a different one.


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it could be an issue uploading as opposed to downloading.

This is more than likely the problem, online games send a lot of data to the servers (as you probably well know) and over WiFi it's not going to be completely reliable. This would explain why downloads aren't affected. As for the homeplugs, just tell her old man to check the consumer unit, if there's only one ring main trip then they'll work.


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Thanks for all the advice guys, I'll give homeplugs/ethernet a go before I consider buying more things. And thanks for the post Mishra, I'll give those a go as well :)

Perhaps it is the upload, just seems weird that my own naff internet using the antenna that came with my mobo has never once had issues yet her rapid internet with a network card is struggling so much.


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i'd put money on that something is interfering with the wifi signal. Pretty much anything can disrupt a signal. Tell her dad to let you try the homeplugs, or just do it when hes out.