Control center error


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Dear PC Specialist
hi there i ordered a laptop (Genesis III: 15.6" Glossy HD LED 16:9 Widescreen )
here are my specs:

from you guys it works fine expect for 2 problems i keep having:

1. intel turbo boost is only enabled when the ac power plug is plugged in.. this affects the performance when i have a lot of applications running... i downloaded the intel turbo boost application to verify this problem... as it hits 3.3ghz as its turbo frequency.....when the charger is taken it, it stays at 2.3ghz only :(

2. i get a error message "system needs to be restarted again. Make sure all driver is installed." all the drivers of the cd are installed... i do not whyi get that error here is a screenshot:

when i press ok it closes the control center...

could help me out ?

Kind Regards

Sahil Rafiq