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Cooler Master - N200 MicroATX Mini Tower Case


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I really want to see the N200. It's cheap, has great reviews. It can also fit up to 5 fans, and is compatible with alot of components. It's not too big and has plenty of cable management room. :tt2:


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Other than the "The Stylish Piano Black Enigma Micro-ATX Case" I don't think PCS do any micro ATX cases. Partly to keep the configurators simple I imagine but also because MATX doesn't often save much space over ATX. This great majority of their mobos are ATX and for the smaller systems they do they stick to mini-ITX. Even the mini ITX systems can have a very similar footprint to the mid-towers because that kind of space is necessary to fit larger PSUs and GPUs, plus the cooling and airflow to manage temps. The case is also from 2013 and there's no shortage of cheaper budget cases with a good feature set.

If you wanted a system built into that case you could send it in to PCS as there's an option for sending in your own case for them to build in. But I'm not sure I can see them making it widely available :)