Cooling setup question



I am new to this sorry in advance. I recently got my PC from PCS last week and so far I have been loving it, but I am just learning to monitor temps etc and the setup. All my past PC's were just stock fans and tried keeping the dust out of it. :)

This time around I am using an AIO( Corsair H115i RGB PRO XT Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler)
PCS has built it front mounted but the case fans are still on. It's a COOLERMASTER MASTERBOX TD500 MESH ARGB GAMING CASE

So basically it's sandwiched. Two fans on the back of the AIO (which look to have come with the AIO) and then there is the 3 front case fans which are the other side of the AIO. When I look online, I never see anyone with front mounted AIO and still have case fans on so I was wondering if that is normal?

I can barely feel air coming out the front so I am guessing that is an intake on to the AIO and then pushed through.

Does any of that make sense lol. Sorry I am very very new but the case fans thing just seems to be bugging me, I thought I would ask.

After google searching I believe the temps are great.

Cooling Temp is always around 25c to 30c

CPU I have never seen go higher than 62c on ICUE but on Armory is always seems to register it lower. Never seen it go higher than 52c when playing a game, While idle it is normally around 35c to 40c

GPU the highest I seen it go was around 74c. when playing warzone. idle is normal around 40c to 50c


you should havge4 room mto take the fans off the cooler and put them in the roof with the rad still front mounted, that's what i've done with mine