Coolmaster 500m case stuck on dust mesh ?

So was playing away on metro exodus and noticed my exhaust fans on top of the case were running at max rpm and the glass top was very warm held my hand to the vents barely a whisper of air was flowing through shutdown pc and investigated by taking off top panel both sides and front ( very easy and fuss free ) looked inside all is well went to put the front panel back on and noticed they had layerd a fine mesh dust guard over the actual metal mesh its very fine and thick I dust my computer with a anti static air blower anyway so decided to remove the crappy dust guard mesh over the steel mesh happy days pc runs 5-8°c cooler and actual air goes in the intakes and out the exhaust im all for dust guards but was terrible material and actually impeded airflow substantially would highley recommend removing this crap to pepole who regularly clean the dust from there case !!!
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