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Corsair Carbide 500r Build


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So, since i like diving into my pc and changing stuff, i decided for a big overhaul of it. Changing out the mobo and CPU, then adding an SSD into the mix has made such a big difference :)

Since my warranty with PCS is up in August, decided why not! DIdn't post this in the "show off your PC" section, as it's not from PCS (apart from the 500gb HDD haha)

Here are some piccies :)

After installing the RAM and cooler

After adding on the two 120mm fans

Sitting in the case nicely :)

Showing the RAM and Bitfenix PSU cable

3 fans pulling air from the front intakes (waiting on a fan rma, hence the white substitute

Motherboard Power, reset and OC Genie II buttons

Showing the HDD's and SSD. Spec below

Fans in action :)

Under the GPU, plenty of room for another 7850 later on

Random cable shot :)

Random top left on mobo shot

Showing the Military Class III motherboard heatspreader

Components upgraded

Front, which is my fav shot out of all

Top 120mm exhaust fans

Side 200mm fan and dust filter

My very untidy set up :) Waiting on a cable to hook up my other monitor

Screenshot showing temps, the OC and GPU temps/OC (room temp 22.6c)

Waiting for my soundcard to come, estimated Mon 11th.
Spec atm is in my Sig :) Wanting to upgrade to a H100 Cooler, so if anybody is interested in my Hyper 212 Plus with 2 fans, give me a PM :)
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Corfate great job it looks really clean love the blue theme the cpu cooler gives it a nice pop with the shine. Love the BitFenix cable! +rep


Nice Corfate.

One thing always bugged me about comps is the GPUs are always upside down. Wish they where built so that the cover is on top and the nice visual of them and the chipset part was underneath. When ya look into a case ya wanna see the nice GPU not the damn chips on the card.


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Hello everyone :)

Small update!

Just ordered another 24" monitor and a stand so i can have a triple screen setup :) Should be here by Friday! Will then have x2 24"'s, and x1 22". I'll replace the 22" in good time, as i'm not fussed about using the monitors for gaming, just the one is enough for me :)

I do have a question though, my 60gb boot SSD is running out of room, so i want to change it to a 120GB. What i'm confused about is, is there software for mirroring my whole computer?

Or is it just a case of backing up and important software then copying it back over as and when?

Tbh, an idea may be to just install fresh and start from scratch!