CPU cooler rattling sound PCSpecialist Ultra 700


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I bought PCSpecialist Ultra 700 i9-13KF/32/2000/4080 - 15.11.2023 and my motherboard died in first two weeks. Now I got my computer back from warranty repair and my CPU cooler is making weird rattling sound when I play games / it idles long enough.

I had this problem even before the motherboard swap, now it getting louder and louder. This is my first pc with water cooling and I was wondering is this normal?



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Yeh that was my first thought too, but its 100% CPU cooler fans (the top 2x ones) and I dont see any caples/ caple ties hitting them. It only starts when fans hits higher rpm.

This is my 3Dmark demo results, if this shows any abnormal :D https://ibb.co/8X96jxP

E: Took both side panels off

E2: I think there is air in the CPU cooler, turned PC sideways and rattling stopped :) Woopwoop
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