Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD


A couple days ago 1 of my mates told me he had got a new sound card through the post to replace his old xfi titanium sound card. i was thinking "okay, which type isit?" he said Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD by Creative, i then went "What!?" while in confusion as i havent heard of that sound card before. it is apparently the latest and strongest sound card by Creative. not knowing the price or thought of asking for the price he told me to come over an check it since he wanted to test it along with my dr dre solo hd headphones along with his Studio version. popped over an had a look at it an Wow....the sound card looks ever soo slick and Fine compared to the x-fi fatil1ty pro version. we havent done a full test on it, only just a small audio test. we just test some not very good quality headphones an a few average headphones by jvc and sony and 4 games which were blackops, l4d2, battlefield bad company 2 and starcraft 2. we test some music from a mix playlists of rock,rnb,pop,rap etc. the difference was certainly epic coming from his speakers and i felt in love inside with the quality lol. the headphones were a major difference even with the high quality dr dre headphones. the games when testing was a defo big A++ even with the audio positioning in black ops(especially Search and Destroy) lol. till the end i asked the price an it was a whopping £165 for the sound card but i must say its defo reasonable but abit tad pricey for my liking lol. so just wondered if anyone here owned one of these bad boy sound cards, please do share your experience? and yet will this sound card be added in near future like now to the PCS websites for custom builds? :) bare in mind this is just a very rough guide ;D also iv tried keeping the post short so sorry :D

thats the card:
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Thanks for the review, +rep! :) It's not often we get reviews about soundcards, and so we'll definitely investigate the Titanium HD further and maybe at some point in the future list this as an option on our configurator.


thanks alot! :) would be nice if it was available now but investigating takes a bit of time so i'll wait and see :p