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Curved or flat screen?


The only place I could find the Gigabyte monitor was from 2 3rd party sellers on Amazon....however, the cheapest of those was £620!! Spending that much you might as well just get a more expensive monitor
Yeah exactly. I’m not paying that for one. So much out of stock though, can’t find a G5 34 either.

I actually quite like the idea of a ultra wide curved now but seems like it’s a difficult place to shop as all the good ones are out of stock.

I’ve got a few weeks to decide as my pc won’t be ready for another 3 anyway. Just keeping an eye on stocks.
Still, any recommendations on good ultrawides around the 400-500 mark would be good.
I can recommend the DELL S3220DGF, it's a 1440p VA panel with a slight 1800R curve but runs up to 165Hz and low lag for a VA panel.

Has a very positive review on RTINGS and games look fantastic on it.

It's in stock at curry's and slightly cheaper directly from DELL at the moment but delayed until early Feb.



Funnily enough, that’s what I bought the other day. I say I, my wife did as a birthday present. Actually got one from regensys which are Dell cancelled orders. It is lovely, hooked it up to a laptop to run screen pixel test and check it’s all in good working order. My PCS order has been on pre production for 7 days. I know it will still be weeks because of chip shortages though.
Nice 1, it's a great monitor.

I have a dual setup with the S3220DGF (VA) paired with S2721DGF (IPS), both excellent 1440p, 165Hz monitors.

I'm still fiddling with the settings on both to try and match the colours as best I can but the black level on the S32 (in a dark room) is much better. The S27 is a little sharper being smaller.

I don't think you can wrong with either, the curve on the S32 is quite shallow and it's still suitable for productivity.