Davinci Resolve Editing System, with a bit of gaming.


Somebody stop me !

I dropped one of the 2TB HDD out and changed to the 5000D Airflow as the 5000X was too much glass for my liking, was planning on using the saving to add a third M.2 drive on a PCIe adapter to use as a media import/export drive but now i have just requested 3xRGB fans for the front of the 5000D to keep things cool and a add bit of bling !

It’s not a good thing having the option to change things, still touch and go for a 3080 over a 3070Ti for some extra grunt in editing, I think I need help….
Amend buttonitis is a terrible condition, I don't think there is a cure apart from a straight jacket till DPD arrive :ROFLMAO: