Defiance 17” laptop


Before I got my new laptop I had for a couple of months an Asus ROG laptop. It was smaller had less RAM, the graphics card was a previous generation but worst of all it would get so hot so quickly. Not just the CPU but the GFX would go to the 90s after two mins game play and made the keyboard untouchable in places.

My new laptop is better in every way. From the customer service experience to being cheaper and much better and most importantly it stays cooler even after long game play. I love the fan management which is programmable so it quickly goes to 100% fab speed and cools it down quicker. Love how you can control the fan of CPU and GPU independently. The colours of the screen seem to pop out more too.

Ok the outside may not look as trendy as the ROG and it may not be multi zoned RGB keyboard but who cares. Just window dressing.

Chassis & Display
Defiance Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD 240Hz 72% NTSC LED Widescreen (1920x1080)
Processor (CPU)
Intel® Core™ i7 Eight Core Processor 10870H (2.2GHz, 5.0GHz Turbo)
Memory (RAM)
64GB Corsair 2666MHz SODIMM DDR4 (2 x 32GB)
Graphics Card
NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3080 Max-Q - 16.0GB GDDR6 Video RAM - DirectX® 12.1
1st M.2 SSD Drive
1TB SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2, PCIe NVMe (up to 3500MB/R, 3300MB/W)
2nd M.
2TB SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2, PCIe NVMe (up to 3500MB/R, 3300MB/W)


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Glad your pleased with your new machine - if you get a moment, any chance you could join in with the following benchmark survey and post your results there - it will help others see how well certain components in certain laptops etc perform and enable informed decisions for some:



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Hey Petrad, I also have a new 17" Defiance and was curious how your experience compares.

How are you finding the screen? I've noticed that it's very thin and so easily wobbles when the laptop itself is slightly moved. However, my desk itself is quite wobbly, so when I'm typing away the physical pressure causes the desk, and then so the screen to wobble.

Obviously I need to try and sort something with my desk, but I'm also wondering if my screen is less sturdy then it should be... or it's just my environment is too unsteady. How are you finding things?