Delivery times

Hey everyone :)

I ordered a Pc on Tuesday the 17th of August and the current status is at Pre-production and today is the 8th working day. I fully understand these things take time but i'm really excited about receiving this new computer :) Is it normal for it to be at the 8th working day and still in pre-production? I got an email on Monday the 23rd saying that my chosen PSU was out of stock until Tuesday the 31st but i have upgraded to the next one up so that shouldn't be holding it back. They said in an e-mail that building and testing takes place between the 7th and 8th day but today is the 8th day and its still at pre-production. I'm assuming that building and testing will be done by the 10th working day being next Wednesday due to the bank holiday Monday. I know this comes across as me being impatient but i just want to know if this all sounds normal?

Thank you all answers are very much appreciated :)



You will find that your order will be in Pre Production/Processing for the majority of its time with us. Once your order has been built, it then generally takes a smooth journey straight through the Testing & Quality Control Depts before being dispatched - this process generally takes 2 - 3 working days.

It is not strange for your order to be still in pre-production on it's 8th working day and I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. We understand how eager you are to get you hands on your new toy and we aim to get it to you as soon as we can.

Production will not be in until Tuesday now so the most important thing now is to relax & enjoy what we have left of summer over the bank holiday :)