Desktop Clock time randomly changing?


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This is the second time it's done it since I've had my PC, I've looked down and its randomly changed time. When I turned my PC on this morning it was fine, time was right 10:08, I played a little of the BFBC 2 single player game, close the game one hour later and now my clock says 3:36...

This happened like a week or so too.

Just an edit, it holds the minutes, date etc perfectly but the hour changes.

What is causing this?


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Not heard of this issue before, sounds like it's being updated automatically, have you got your time zone set to GMT/BST?


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Just checked, apparently it was set to LA time... question is why did it not auto-update for about 10 days? I would have thought that it would update more regularly...


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All sorted then? :)


I actually had a similar problem myself a while ago with the date and time. It stopped windows update from working and my anti virus refused to update. 99% positive that was the programme that i used and it fixed my problems. If it doesn't work ill have another look around.


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well I wont know if its working now until it randomly changes as I said its only happened twice since ive had my PC, rest of the time its tracked time just fine. Im not going to bother downloading a program to keep my clock up to date :p