Does Ubuntu work on PROTEUS VIII?


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Hi to everyone,
I would like to purchase PROTEUS VIII notebook and then install Ubuntu 20.04 on it, so i would like to know if linux installation can lead to issues making the installation unavailable on that laptop. Someone else has already attempted to perform that task? Have you found any problem?
thanks in advice


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Yes, but I've been experiencing a number of issues:

  • The BIOS is awful. It can't even boot from a flash drive - you need an external cd dvd drive and a disk.
  • The nvidia driver is not stable. Unless you're in high performance mode it randomly freezes.
  • Now, in the last few days, the keyboard backlight has turned off and I can't seem to figure out how to turn it on again.
This is my first PC Specialist laptop, and I'm not impressed at all.


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I know months have passed since this thread was created but it can be useful to other people.

Linux can be installed and used as daily driver (I do that with Manjaro). It requires a bit of tinkering but nothing impossible. You can read this thread and see if it's a viable thing for you. There are also a couple of answers regarding specifically Proteus VIII, from me and another user.

Stephen M

I do not have a Proteus but have used Linux in several other PCS laptops and they have all been ok but needed a bit of fiddling on some.

Nvidia driver issues are fairly common but often just changing driver will solve problems. On phone at moment, if I remember when I get to a proper machine will post the nvidia driver site url.

Have also noted Ubuntu is not as good as it was and while I still like it would not recommend it as strongly. Agree with Loyalrobin about Manjaro, that is a good distro and well worth trying. Sometimes drawbacks with getting some software but in general a more stable and better OS than Ubuntu. Manjaro also has different desktop versions to download, so I think well worth a go.