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Dragon Age Inquisition


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Looking forward to this, myself.

And I recently came across the 'Sacred Ashes' preview for Origins. No idea how I'd not saw it before, considering how long ago I got the first Dragon age. Oh well.


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I'm still yet to complete the second. I don't think I ever even got halfway through, as it glitched on me at a certain point and wouldn't let me progress, so I just stopped playing then on. But I've recently restarted the first, and hoping to finish the second too, eventually. What I have played of 2 I don't mind of it, but then not completing the game doesn't leave me much room to make a judgement on it for now.


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I really do believe the took on board the categoric dislike people had for a lot of DA2.

Im sure I read an interview which in part related to it in which going back to what made DA great gameplay and stylewise was a core goal of the next DA game.

Fingers crossed but I will definitely give them the benefit of the doubt until we see some concrete stuff :)


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I try to not take on many expectations of games now, helps me enjoy them that much more when I'm not thinking I'll be given so much more, but in return barely get any of what I though I would. Though it is understandable to expect a next release to be as great or greater, with the competition of a prior release.

Even if I turn out to hate DA2, I think I'll still be giving Inquisition a go, one game gone bad for me isn't enough to stop further playing a series altogether, and since the first one was great, I feel more likely to go with the next release.


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Didnt complete DA:Origins. Completed DA:2. Will not play DA:3.

BIOWARE should stick to what they are good at KOTOR and Mass Effect.


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I didn't finish it either. :D

I got very much to the end part, before the battle at the end (I hadn't got Leliana to join, and so she was talking, yet not present at that point). Around that time I was gradually finding gaming more and more intolerable, until eventually being unable to play games for more than a couple of minutes or so. Now I'm back to gaming more regularly, with no idea why I couldn't play games, despite the fact I was starting the game up with some level of interest to play them. :/