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Decided I needed a game to get my teeth into and I've had Skyrim installed for a while now but never really got going with it. The problem I had is that I had it on my 360 and put well over 25hrs into it and got quite far, so the thought of re-doing all those quests put me off.

Last night I realised (Im ashamed it took me so long) that Steam have a Workshop for Mods with Skyrim. Previously I had used Nexus Mods for Fallout and whilst its good, found it to be a bit fiddly. So, like a kid in a sweet shop i started downloading mods through Steam. Off the top of my head I can't remember which ones, but I did like how easy it was to do.

On loading Skyrim there is a mod manager of sorts where you can play with load orders in order to get them all to work. This is something I probably need to look at more because it did feel as though some were missing.

Anyway, I guess my question is, what do you use? Steam or Nexus for Skyrim? or both? which has the better mods in your opinion? Standalone mod manager? and what mods are you using?

Im basically after some suggestions in order to give me a new experience whilst playing so i don't feel im going over the exact same ground. I've seen there are Star Wars mods (lightsabers) and things like that but I want to keep it as close to the original time period, culture, weaponry etc. Some of the LOTR mods looked cool as you could imagine them existing in the Skyrim world for example. Getting better graphics/textures for the environment and NPCs is also fairly important for me.

Will my desktop (see sig) cope with loads of mods? I only have 4GB RAM and 2GB VRAM will that be a problem? There's no chance I can up my GPU, but if I get a very strong argument for getting 4GB RAM more I may splash out, but I'd prefer not to tbh.

Im out of touch, its been ages sine I modded Fallout so just after some advice really.

Cheers guys/gals



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sup bud I can only suggest what I do when modding skyrim

nexus mod manager
and BOSS loader
along with SKSE


go onto the skyrim nexus find the mods you want and click download with nexus mod manager - open the NMM and active the mods - open skyrim with SKSE and your done :)

YouTube has plenty of videos how to do it - words of advice don't get into ENBS unless you are fully into modding.

also encase you dident know - you can either edit your stats using the console or download someone else's save game with quests complete and stuff.

your 670 can cope with some mods just dont go overboard :)


Cheers Bsrz.

Im going to look on Nexus tonight but I do get the feeling they have a lot more/better mods than the Steam Workshop. I kinda guessed I'd be better going down this route but because the Steam way is ridiculously easy, 'one click to install, done', got drawn into it.

I'll see how it goes...just looking forward to getting into it again tbh. :)


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I put over 250 hours into Skyrim on the Xbox over 18 months, I reckon it will be a long time before I start it again on the PC. I have the Legendary Edition and made the mistake of forgetting to port my save over before I sold my Xbox.


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I actually don't get what the need for Nexus is for games like Skyrim. Steam Workshop does everything it needs, and from my experience playing the game with mods, it juts became overly complex with Nexus involved. Some mods didn't work on Steam (because the creator designed it for Nexus), some needed bits on Steam and bits on Nexus. The whole thing took more time reading online/forums to set up right than actually playing! :D

Why can't everything just be simple and be on Steam.

Ok Gabe, I did it, now where're holding my sister!?


Which mods did you use DED? None of those smutty ones I hope?! :)

Theres just so many...its overwhelming...that's why I posted really to get suggestions of the better mods.
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A friend of mine plays Skyrim with the Requiem Mod.

If your looking for a more old school hardcore feel then you may want to check this mod out. The mod does alot of things, but the main one being the monsters leveling is not tied to yours. Combat is generally harder but better with more varied AI. Starting stats are also reduced.

It changes Skyrim quite a bit, so best to read up on everything before you decide to go for it. The PDF FAQ for Requiem can be found here


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Just a few to take a look at but they are on nexus so not sure if they have been released on steam workshop aswell but I only use the mods from nexus myself.

Static mesh improvement mod

Skyrim 2k HD textures


URWL (ultra realistic world lighting) (it's not really ultra realistic in any way shape or form but does change things for the better)

Realistic lighting overhaul (this makes the dungeons and interiors darker and makes the lighting effects from fires look more realistic)

Convenient horses (gives lot's of different customisation for horses like armours, horse whistle, and followers horses aswell)

Have a look at gophers channel on YT he has a mod sanctuary where he shows you lot's of different mods and how to install them.


Cheers for the suggestions guys +rep

I have used Steam Workshop (its ease-of-use seduced me) so far and installed 29 mods to date. Most of which are visual ones for textures, water and lighting. The '2k HD textures' would have probably done a lot of this in one but I think there is a size cap on the mods for Workshop so many of the popular ones are split up or simply don't appear, which is a shame.

Im still looking for a decent weapon mod to add different/more swords, bows etc. and then also that 'Convenient Horses' one you mention Fear, probably. I think there is 'Survivalist' one which I'd like to add in as well, so the need to eat and drink, keep warm etc is increased in order to stay alive. I think Im set after that. That Requiem one looks interesting, I may add it later if I find it on Workshop, looks quite full-on, think Im going to ease my way in gently. Really happy with the results up to now though and more of the mods will become apparent the longer I play which should keep it fresh.

I may yet switch to Nexus mods, Im not sure yet. I cant seem to get hi-res NPCs (might be too much for my system anyway) which is a bit annoying and some of the textures aren't the best but generally speaking Workshop seems spot on. If I find the three I mention above I'll probably stick.