Elimina Pro 17.3" 32Gb RAM external DVD


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Overall I have been very happy with my new laptop.
My previous laptop was from PC Specialist - an Optimus bought in 2015 - and I have always been very happy with that so decided to order from PC Specialist again.
I ordered an Elimina Pro 17.3", changed the SSDs to Samsung EVO plus, upgraded the RAM, added an external DVD-RW and requested Firefox. The order was placed 25th October and delivered on 2nd November so a quick turnaraound time.
There was a minor issue with DPD delivery. Their unclear emails and website meant the laptop was delivered to my neighbour - supposed to be a backup option which I couldn't then reverse - but DPD then brought it straight round to me.
No issues with any of the hardware and it has been straightforward to configure and set up. I am new to Windows 11 as my previous laptop could not support it and I wanted to avoid putting everything in the cloud so that was probably the most tricky part. Once past that it took me a couple of days to get it how I wanted it and anything that came up tended to be related to Windows 11 rather than the laptop itself!
One minor point, I would have liked to be able to download a manual as I have done before. The chassis is HangFong GM7IDM however I've not been able to find a manual anywhere and I have the impression from these forums that there is no such thing available. It would be useful though.


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