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Excellent service during Covid19 pandemic


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Thanks to all at PCSpecialist. We ordered another laptop from you for our business, this time a Lafité Series: Aluminium Chassis: 15.6".
We read all of the polite notices about extended production times because of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic on work place practices. We understood, we agreed.
We received our expected delivery date. It was acceptable.
Then we received a series of update emails, each one bring the delivery date FORWARD, yes, you read that right.
Of course this is really smart marketing but it is smart marketing because it allowed us to set our expectations, make the business decisions that mattered to us for a worst case scenario and then PCSpecialist exceed that expectation. It works, we love them. people here feel good! Other companies could learn from them! I hope we have!
And, not surprisingly the laptop performs as advertised, the user setup was quick and easy and it was in productive use within an hour or so of arrival.

Thanks PCSpecialist. You are first in line again for our laptop requirements / replacements.

P.S. We also received a little something 'extra'. We included a photo of this connector, in truth we are not sure what it is. May be you will tell us?
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Nice to hear.

That picture looks like a SATA connector for adding a SATA drive. Not sure it should from your unit or be outside the laptop, if it is, though...