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Excellent value for money


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I decided to treat myself to a new laptop over Christmas as my Lenovo Ideapad, whilst compact and fast, lacked the ability to handle gaming at anything above low/medium graphic settings.
I had a good look around on different sites, comparing different manufacturers, looking for the best quality for price. I use an Alienware and Dell XPS at work, the Dell frequently gives me issues and the Alienware, while nice, is very heavy and both are above what I wanted to pay.

In the end I went for a 17.3" Optimus gaming laptop
PCSpecialist allowed the granular control over my laptop build to allow me to focus on the areas I needed and I was able to save on things like storage SSDs and RAM, which I already had ready to go.

If i made any choices that hadcompatibility isses, i.e. the GPU I selected had minimum power requirements, then that was made quite clear before accepting the build, ensuring that everything would work. I was kept informed at all times during the build process and the delivery options were very flexible, allowing me to pick it up from a drop off point rather than having to take time off for a delivery van.

The laptop arrived in excellent working order and was easy to upgrade with the SSDs and RAM cards I already had. It is well put together yet easy to disassemble without the feeling that you are about to snap bits off. It's very light for a laptop of this size and my only concern is that it feels less solid than my work laptops (although as mentioned, the Alienware feels like its made from dark matter and the Dell has an aluminium chassis).

I would highly recommend PCSpecialist, especially if you do a bit of research first as the build process allows you to check the price difference of indivdual componentslaptop - normandy.jpglaptop - andromeda.jpglaptop- tunnel.jpg