FA Cup Final

As a neutral i didnt mind who won, I thought a club as big of Arsenal needed another trophy and Wenger is a very good manager, just a bit tight on the transfer budget. But then I do like the underdogs and with Hull 2-0 up you couldn't help but warm to them.

In the end Arsenal won, but boy were they lucky.


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Not much of a football fan here, we had it on in the background but I was working so didn't see much of it, missed the first 15 minutes anyway so when we switched it over it was already 2-1.

I too normally like the underdog but that is mainly because the only football I watch is the Scottish national team.


In the end Arsenal won, but boy were they lucky.

Yes, and no. They should have had a penalty they weren't given.
Very early goals are always an aberration and one never gives an indication of the eventual winner. Even with 2 in the first minutes the other team still has almost all the game to come back in. And matches are generally won according to the overall shape of the match, and in the first few minutes that shape has not been established.
Quality will assert itself, and although Arsenal weren't at their best, the difference in quality won out.
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You could also argue that Arsenal shouldn't have scored one of there goals, as replays showed it was a goal kick but Arsenal had been awarded a corner.