Farewell, Internet Explorer…


RIP Julee Cruise ☹️
The bell tolls and the time has finally come, after 27 years Internet Explorer will be disabled and retired tomorrow.

It’ll be replaced with Microsoft EdgeIE, which will enable backwards compatibility and will be supported for at least seven years (I for one am excited to see just how rubbish it is).

To enable IE mode in Edge, go to edge://settings/defaultbrowser, toggle ‘Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer’ and restart the browser.

As a final sign off, feel free to post any memories of IE or your favourite memes to celebrate the passing of a legend.

Here’s mine:



Rising Star
I so wish I was working at my old place right now.... tomorrow is going to be carnage... so many shortcut links used for apps that are configured via IT (EVERYTHING is locked out) that havent been changed -in years- and all use IE or Chrome.... they removed Chrome and it took them months before they fixed the main ones, there were still some you couldnt use as it referred to Chrome but it simply wasnt there anymore!

This will hit them like a ton of bricks, I can guarantee no one will even know its happening....

Personally, I havent used IE on my own computers in probably a decade! Cant remember when I switched to Firefox but its been a long time!


The Awesome
Think the last time I used IE was at work before we decided to stop supporting IE with our product so we had to test our dev work using it (cos none of the browsers worked the stinking same way .....)


Hopefully they'll do the same with edge next....And I'd love if android did away with chrome
Our company first starting moving away from IE a good few years ago, and finally switched completely at the beginning of the year...but still hasn't removed the icon from the taskbar of out 50k+ Windows machines (we can't do it ourselves as we need local admin rights).

But then I shouldn't be surprised as the forced shortcut on the desktop for new starters hasn't been removed/updated for 10 years.