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Favourite Games Of The Year


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Hey guys what are your favourite games of this year and one you look forward to in the future, my favourite from e3 were bf3, lara croft and me3 also the 'fox' engine at kojima looks pretty good.
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Too early to tell really, because most games aren't being release until winter. But by the looks of things bf3 seems to be a winner


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saints row 3 :)
gears of war 3
dead island
battlefield 3
halo CE anniversary
halo 4 (maybe)
Driver san fransisco
Forza motorsport 4
NFS the run
mass effect 3
far cry 3

a few of these are released next year

anyone know if AC revelations has online? i wont be getting it if it has online, it shortened the singleplayer and made it much much worse


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My Top 3 Games I bought so far this year:

2. WH40K:DoW:Ret
3. Darksiders (zomg WAR!)

My Top 3 Games looking forward to hopefully this year!)

2. BF3
3. Space Marine/ME3 (cheated with an extra tied for 3rd :) )


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Best game I've played this year would be Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

The main game I'm waiting for is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - should be amazing! Battlefield 3 looks great also - never played a Battlefield game so I might get it for my new rig. :)

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there not out yet but i know i'm gonna love Battlefield 3, dead island, serious sam 3, hopefully rage, and uncharted 3

at the moment though, it's two mods that have stood out for me

Rainy days The best looking game i've ever played to date.... the moment it begins to rain... lol honestly WOW

and Nightmare house 2 scariest game i've played this year


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the old republic, xD, also thanks for bringing up AC:R, that storyline is pretty awesome, i wanna see how that turns out

And ill pass with nightmare house 2, i hate jumpscares, but have you seen the easteregg of that game?


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Played Assassins Creed Brotherhood and loved it. About 1% through The Witcher 2 at the moment and loving that also.

Waiting for BF3 and Skyrim andlooking forward to the new Assassins Creed.


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definitely deus ex: human revolution for me, not going to be that amazing on the graphics but it you like immersive gameplay and making your own decisions on how to play was is essentially an fps then get it, ive had it pre-ordered for months, BF3 looks amazing at full settings aswell imo