FedEx being weird


Pics, or it didn't happen


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Figured I'd revive this for anyone who had concerns (like me!) after ordering.

Ordered 20/06/2022 & processed @ 12:00 (Paid for 3 working day fast track because I'm impatient)
Build started 21/06/2022
Testing started 21/06/2022 and ran into 22/06/2022
Awaiting dispatch late 22/06/2022
Dispatched 23/06/2022

When I initially checked the FedEx tracking it showed delivery on Wednesday (from memory) 29/06 and once it was collected & scanned this jumped to 01/07/22 - cue my massive disappointment. Updated the tracking page every hour like an excited kid on Christmas Eve but no real updates showed - picked up twice, then In Transit in Derby on Friday Afternoon so, a little disappointed I resigned myself to delivery some day this week, most likely 01/07 as the tracking stated.

Yesterday (Sunday) I gave the tracking page a refresh, and it'd updated to say it cleared customs but delivery date still 01/07 - disappointed but at least it was in the country and cleared customs.

Logged into work this morning, heard an email come through at 9:01 - update from FedEx, your parcel is out for delivery. It's like Christmas Day except I'm working.. Dog then starts barking (for no reason I think) at 9:40 and then the doorbell rings with a big smiley faced FedEx driver at it, most likely knowing what I'm getting delivered and hands be the box.

Long winded post to say that FedEx seem to have resolved any backlog from earlier in the year and to hopefully alleviate any concerns people may have when reading this thread and seeing issues.

Going to be a long work day now with the box sitting behind me waiting to be opened!