FFXIV - Amazon dose not know how to take money out of ppls account.


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Amazon has done it to me again for the 3rd time now.

First time I pre-ordered a game it said could not take payment despite having twice the money needed in my account.

2nd time it did the same but not on a pre-order so was able to try again and this time it tock it straight away.

Now for the 3rd time its done it on FFXIV.
Tried preordaining it again and it will come 1 day after official release date.

So now I'm going to have to go all around town to try and get a copy to pre-order.

Because of this, I will never pre-order anything on-line again.


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Sounds like a right mess about!

I usually have no issues pre-ordering from Game / Play etc, never tried amazon


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I have pre ordered games and DVD/BLURAY on Amazon before and not had any problems, it is unfortuent that you have. You tried speaking to your bank or credit card company? They may be blocking it.


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Its gone though now after trying the 2nd time.
Tried to get Amazon to try and ship it now so that it arrives tomorrow like it should have done, but no dice.
And on hold with the bank to find out what's going on.

I hate it man now I've got to wait that extra day.
Before trying to order it again online went into town and this is what I got.

The first store called Games said that I could pre-order it but there is no grantee it will be in tomorrow and could end up been in on friday.
The 2nd store also called Games said that its not out till 30th and it must be the American version or the download version only that you can pre-order for 22nd.
And Gamestation have no idea.

It would be nice if these game store company actually hired some one that know there stuff.

Just finished on the phone with that bank, there said its the wrong information has been entered.

Which is odd as the information is stored on Amazon and has not changed since the last order and this order which went though ok.

So yes.
One very peed off Final Fantasy Fan right about now. :mad:


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I knew the banks will say its Amazon fault and Amazon will say its the banks fault.
I've decided from now on any pre-release order I'm going to buy gift vouchers for my self and use that to pre-order the games or item.
As that's money already been paid waiting to be used.


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Now for the 3rd time its done it on FFXIV.
Tried preordaining it again and it will come 1 day after official release date.

Least you're going to actually get it :)

About a year and half ago I pre-ordered the new expansion for my game from my local HMV store (didn't pay anything luckily), they said they'd ring me when it got in on day of release. So at 5pm on day of release (a tuesday I think) I rang them, asking if they had it, they didn't, they said it must have been delayed and to ring back the next day, so rang back the next day, they said, no it's not here, so I rang round other games shops, none of whom had it either, so, next day when I rang HMV they told me no they weren't getting any in at all .......... on the Friday they told me they couldn't even order one in for me, I did eventually get a copy from a different shop on the Saturday (by luck, they only got two copies in), by which time of course most people had been going through the new expansion for nearly a week already.

I've never had issues with Amazon taking money from me.
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Woot Its coming tomorrow, just got conformation email and tracking number.
And since its going via city link that means it will arrive well before the royal mail that would have come round about 12:30pm