I'm looking to buy a PC on finance, but I'm wondering during the 12 BNPL period are you able to pay off as much as you like and then only pay interest on the remaining balance? So for example if my build is £4800, would I be able to pay off £3000 in the 12 months and then pay the £1800 in monthly installments after the 12 month period?


My understanding is, you can pay as much as you like within the 12 months from the date of delivery. If you do not pay off the remaining balance, then the agreed monthly payments will still stay the same until you have paid off the remaining balance. So if your repayments will be £100 a month, for example, then if you still have a balance remaining after the 12 months, then your repayments will stay the same (£100) until the balance is paid

I have taken the finance as well, however i am paying it off within the 12 months.


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Hi Kieran99, there will be a section in the finance agreement in terms or any penalties (or none) on early repayment, It is best to check this first before signing. Some have high penalty clauses, as early repayment reduces the lenders profit margin, and increases their administration costs. If in doubt contact the Lender (finance provider), and get confirmation via E-mail. Keep the E-mail safe in case of a dispute in the future.