First-rate customer service experience


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Good afternoon,

I recently posted about buying a new spec owing to my GPU failing (might be something to do with almost constant uptime for a few years) and was advised to simply replace the GPU itself if I could afford to wait on investing in a whole new system, which I decided I could.

After the better part of a week trying and failing to find an online retailer that had a 3060 both in stock and at a reasonable price, I decided to phone up PCSpecialist to ask if they could help, as the Upgrade options on my order didn't list any options.

Two days later, an ASUS Dual RTX 3060 arrives at my house, at a very competitive price compared to pirces I'd seen listed on other websites. Couldn't be happier, and I now know better than to look elsewhere when it's time to upgrade. Thank you for another great customer experience.