First time AMD Build


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I actually amended the order to yours @Aza. 12 cores will be a good balance for both work and gaming I think. Plus it actually removed £29 from the order previously so thats awesome.

Many thanks for all of your help @SpyderTracks @Aza @MrWilson you're all credits to this community and I'm glad I reached out! :)


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I didnt have any understanding of the stuff you were talking about with your work bits.... have a think and see what Spyder says, he would of gone with the 5950X for a reason.


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Gaming typically follows consoles at the lower end of basic requirement.

Both XBox and PS are on 8 core CPU's now.

I wouldn't want less than 8 cores as a minimum, and if you're assigning 6 whole cores to your docker setup which is 12 threads (which seems a lot), then you would want the 5950x imho.


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Just a quick follow up, received the build today and it performs beautifully. Thanks for all the help getting it sorted guys! :D
Awesome, congrats!

If you get a moment, post some pictures below, would love to see it 👍